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hae voces

is the lovechild of multi-instrumentalists and composers Kristina Dutton & Majel Connery. Too complex to be ambient, and too atmospheric to be rock, the band’s sound is a marriage of proggy, dreamy and arty, side-stepping verse/chorus form in favor of massive, shifting textures and lyrical climaxes.

Latin for “these voices,” the band’s name pays homage to classical training in violin and voice. After performing in Chicago and New York under different guises, the two women found one another in the Bay Area through a combination of serendipity and fate. The duo was born shortly after a fortuitously timed email led to a blissful 4-hour jam session for 4,000 people. 


HV spent a week at the mysteriously-named Institute for Advanced Uncertainty, Nov 29 - Dec 5 2018. I.O.U. is a multidisciplinary arts program in San Francisco showcasing trajectories of the creative process, from false starts to finished works.



HV was commissioned to create a track for C.L.A.W., a project launched by Merrill Garbus (of Tuneyards) and Red Bull Radio. C.L.A.W. invites female-identifying artists to create songs together, then broadcasts the track on a monthly podcast.

Behind the scenes with The Understory

rapoport remembered

"Rapoport Remembered" is a musical tribute to the work of visual artist Sonya Rapoport (1923-2015)…and meditates on Rapoport’s Anasazi Series, vivid color pencil drawings from the 1970s. Performing live with violin, vocals, keyboards, and a technical array of live processing, Hae Voces treated Rapoport’s drawings as graphic scores, reading their visual intensity and playfulness like notes on a page.

- Commissioned by Sonya Rapoport Legacy Trust
- Hosted by Kala Institute
- Supported by the Musical Grant Program (Intermusic SF), and the Zellerbach Family Foundation.